Welcome to my stories.

My name is Mary, and I'm a storyteller. This started with writing, a first love that led me into earning my B.A. in Digital Writing in 2012. I quickly expanded my storytelling toolkit into social media mediums, photography, videography, and graphic design. All of these skills would come into play daily as I spent four years creating, coordinating, and curating content for the largest Christian music website in the world. These days, I tell stories as a freelance writer and photographer, and in my role as Digital Content Specialist at Christian Brothers University in Memphis.

This love for storytelling has never stopped with the end of a work day. Once I clock out, I clock right back in to running my passion project website Rock On Purpose, blogging, researching effective social media strategies, and contributing to projects built by family and friends. Learning is one of my favorite things in the world, which has led me into effective working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, Office, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Hootsuite, and Wordpress, to name just a few of the programs and platforms I frequently utilize.

Every story I tell is, in the end, a story about people. About the ways we connect, the values we share, the things that matter to us, the ways we heal and change and grow. When I'm telling those stories, in a way I'm telling my own story--and maybe yours too. Thank you for joining me in that journey!