These are a few of the stories I have told through the written word.

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Random Hero 2019 Bio: Tension

The tension that we inevitably encounter can make or break us. For Random Hero, it resulted in a band remade through Tension: an identity-defining album born from uncertainty, perseverance, and personal testimonies of healing.


Editorial: Hayley Williams and When Emo Music Grows Up

This steady progression seems to be propelled by the same slow recognition: we have to start with recognizing that we’re not OK. But we can’t stop there. We can’t be 30-somethings still mired in the same things that held us captive at 13. We who have survived owe it to everyone still in the emotional trenches to tell a truer story.


What does the Bible say about music?

Music begins to weave its way through the Bible early on. The entire book of Psalms is exactly what you might guess from the sound of the title: songs. About half of these songs were written by King David. Some of the songs recorded here were used in temple worship, while others are personal prayers asking for rescue and praising God when help arrived…


Client Blog Content: How the 2018 Midterm Results Impact Healthcare

According to exit poll data, 41% of voters ranked healthcare policy as the top priority issue. In fact, it was the top priority by a significant percent, with immigration coming in second as a priority for only 23% of voters.

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I Am The Storm 2018 Bio: Fight Musick Vol 1

If you’ve heard anything veteran songwriter Trevor McNevan has created with his band, the hard rock mainstay Thousand Foot Krutch, then it’s clear to see that his musical legacy is twofold: hip-hop and rock and roll, inextricably intertwined. That rapcore sound has launched TFK up the charts and into arenas over the past 20 years.

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Amongst the Giants 2018 Bio: Obscene

Amongst the Giants is bringing their dynamic metalcore sound and unapologetic message of hope to the world with Obscene, their Rockfest Records debut. Originating in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the three piece rock group is on a mission to bring taboo struggles into the open, shedding light into the lives of their listeners.


The Bands That Grow With Us: A Skillet Concert Review

And that is a great grace in the progress we make, in the things given to us for healing: they don’t end with us. We get to turn around and give them to others as we grow. In this way, a small seed of life creates life abundant.


Zahna 2018 Bio: Red For War

When you’ve experienced heartache, setbacks, a health crisis and personal doubt, the easy thing to do would be to bow out of the fight. But Zahna has never been one to take the path of least resistance. The fiery singer is arming herself for battle against pain and despair with Red For War, her RockFest Records solo debut.


Client Blog Content: Real Food Protein Snacks

Although everyone’s nutrition needs vary based on their workout regimen and their own unique needs, there’s one thing everyone has in common: protein is a crucial part of building strength. Especially when you’re recovering from a hard workout, protein is important for repairing your muscles.


Songs for Anxious Hearts

Here are ten recent songs that were born out of the process of wrestling with and finding hope through anxiety. 


The Shack: Meeting God in Grief

The Shack raises the bar for faith-centered movies while portraying a soul-shaking encounter.


An Open Letter to Parents of Teens Who Cut

If your child is struggling with harming themselves, you don't have to navigate this alone.

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Disciple 2015 Bio: Vultures

Vultures is the second release in a new era for Disciple. After over 20 years of hard-won experience through ten studio albums and countless miles logged on the road, Disciple chose to take the independent band path with a brand new lineup...


The Protest 2018 Bio: Legacy

When you're a group of four lifelong friends with a shared passion for both hard rock and the redemptive hope of the gospel, what kind of legacy do you aim to create for yourselves? If you ask The Protest, the answer is simple: a legacy of loving Jesus, no matter what challenges come their way. 

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RED: Reflecting on End of Silence

RED guitarist Anthony Armstrong takes a look back at the band's breakthrough debut album and at the changing landscape that lies ahead.

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10 People At Every Christian Festival

Festivals are a unique and wonderful experience, and if you've ever been to one, chances are you've seen one or all of these people.

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Disciple Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for Upcoming Album 'Long Live the Rebels'

Hard rock group set to record new album early this summer, aiming for a late 2016 release

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As We Ascend Premieres Music Video for 'Tell Me'

'Tell Me' from As We Ascend's debut album Farewell to Midnight spends two weeks at number 1 on Christian rock charts

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Heavy Songs for Good Friday

When metal collides with the sacred, the result can hold a lot of raw spiritual power. NRT's Mary Nikkel assembles heavy songs for remembering the events of Good Friday.

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Review of Unleashed by Skillet: Reinventing and Roots

With Unleashed, Skillet reveals an unapologetically enjoyable foray into electronic-infused hard rock as the Christ-centered core of their mission continues to hold steady.

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Review of Fading West by Switchfoot: Brilliant Horizons

Although the pop-driven nature characterizing much of this album might require some getting used to for longtime Switchfoot fans, it seems like a suitable sound for this chapter of the band's story-- a chapter more full of vivacious energy, wide-eyed joy, and earnest hope than ever before.


Blog: Borrowing Light

I am trying to keep this flame in me burning, trying to learn how to shield it well, how to ask when it flickers out: “can I borrow your light?”


Blog: Name Tags

Because here's the thing that both of these jobs have taught me: we are all equally human, equally valuable, equally full of fire and dignity and passion and soul.


Blog: A Long Exhale

So many of us know what it is to lose what we thought made us noteworthy-- and so many of us now stand exposed.

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Feature Editorial in LeTourneau University's NOW Magazine